Dance film – 29 min – 2K/HD – 2014

Directed by Xabier Iriondo
Choreography: Marina Mascarell
Original music: Iñigo Ugarteburu

A Filmotive production
With the participation of Irusoin, Talo Recordings and Zazpi T’erdi
With the help of the Basque Government
With the collaboration of Dantzagunea, Korzo Productions and AlhóndigaBilbao
With the support of Zarauzko Udala, Ogeita4, Lufthansa and Ibis Hotels

A girl who was bought up by a pack of wolves returns to the city. Along her way she comes across different characters who transform her behaviour. Homing represents a journey from the wild world to a life in society.

The project:
Homing is a fiction film. Through dance, it tells of the journey on which a wild girl embarks. On her way she meets different characters that mould her personality. Different happenings drive the girl out of the wild, enviably taking her towards her roots: the city.

Parallel to this journey, the girl, played by Marina Mascarell herself, leaves behind her animal instinct in order to finally adopt a social role in the most contrived way: a performance in the theatre. The film starts in a forest and ends in an artificially lit stage, with characters whose faces have been made up especially for the occasion. We use dance, paradigm of representation, to show the evolution of survival, going from being a natural impulse to accepting a role in society.

The characters that the girl comes across, are also performed by dancers: the pack of wolves who brought her up but now reject her; the entertaining meeting of the two foxes and the deer, who will be her guide and protect her at the most dangerous of times. The tragic ending of the deer marks the final loss of the girl’s innocence. In the end she meets a human from the city. These meetings mark her body language and behaviour.

Homing, explores the relationship cinema is able to develop with dance and music. It also explores how cinematographic language can use these two different narratives, take them to it’s own territory to create a project in its own right. For this reason Marina Mascarell’s choreographies are specifically designed for being filmed and edited. The idea is not to record a dance performance, but rather to choreograph for the camera. Furthermore, the action takes place in natural scenes such as beech and pine woodlands or in grasslands, meaning the surrounding sound and the noise created by the dancers movement in the outdoors, will be as prominent as the music by Iñigo Ugarteburu.

Script and direction: Xabier Iriondo
Choreography: Marina Mascarell
Original music: Iñigo Ugarteburu
Producer: Iñaki Sagastume
Cinematographer: Alberto Pareja
Sound recordist: Fernando Aguirre
Sound design: Iosu González
Editors: Iñaki Sagastume and Fernando Aguirre
Producer Irusoin: Xabier Berzosa
Talo Recordings: Iñigo Ugarteburu
Zazpi T’erdi: Pello Gutiérrez y David Aguilar

Carolina Mancuso
Marina Mascarell
Michael Carter
Nina Botkay
Kevin Quinaou