It is like a large animal deep in sleep

World Premiere: Korzo Theatre, Wed 4 Feb 2015 (Performances: 5, 6 Feb 2015)

Choreography: Marina Mascarell
Music: Yamila Rios
Performers: James O’Hara,  David Essing, Yu-Fen Huang
Dramaturgy: Luz Lassizuk
Assistant Choreographer: Sandra Navarro
Lights: Loes Schakenbos
Apprentice: Rachel Patrice Fallon
Coproduction Korzo Producties, Skanes Dansteater, Dance Forum Taipei
On Wednesday February 4th, the World premiere of IT IS LIKE A LARGE ANIMAL DEEP IN SLEEP takes place at the Korzo Theatre in The Hague, Netherlands. The production is the first collaboration between Marina Mascarell and compouser Yamila Rios.

An analysis of the state of humanity in the modern world by focusing on the things that men and women can do. A discussion of the individual next to the collective from essential activities like eating, drinking, dressing, sleeping,… to even more transcendental as the ability to be free.
This piece is an attempt to understand to where the Contemporaneity is going.

The show will continue through February 5th and 6th at the Korzo Theatre.