My creative work is a continuous discovery of unknown subjects to me. In some ways it is a continuous learning process by which I discover and evolve. Hence, rejecting the concept of work created from scratch.

Part of my interest goes to the theatre and the other to life. I need to talk about the world in which we live and the choices we make and their consequences- analyzing our history with stories that can move us. The annexation of reality in art has a deep meaning. Through this act the reality transcends borders and enters the realm of the impossible.

I understand dance from the dancer and not from the movement. That is why I conceive the performer as a dancer-creator. I reject form alone and pure aesthetics.

My first step is the emotion for which I create movement or vice versa, the movement to arouse emotions in the audience.

I try to find the artistic independence taking artistic risks, avoiding the routine and conventions. It remains essential to continue a questioning attitude. I think the usual atrophy sensitivity.

Only those who hope will find the unexpected